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What parents are saying...


Incredible program!!!!!  Wonderful instructors and game that completely engage the players.


We have been Sandlot enthusiasts from day one. From day 1, with Lava Ball on the diamond, to day 600 with Bucket Ball in the gym. Felix looks forward to Sandlot every week. Coach Brodie has made such a difference in his ability to take a loss, challenge himself and HAVE FUN.


Watching the difference in how Brodie interacts with the kids compared to any other sporting coach I’ve encountered is astounding. His connection, passion and real commitment to the kids is so genuine and obvious. My family will be a sandlot family for many years to come. Heck, my husband even wants to join!


This is a great engaging program for young kids. Brody keeps them very active and interested throughout the program. Always keeps it fresh. My son always looks forward to the sandlot events - whether it is whiffleball or a variety of other fun activities.


James had a blast!


The kids loved it! Brevin is so happy to be able to join this year and thank you for being patient with him. Tilson is still working on his sportsmanship and the coaches always handle his outbursts with grace. Love this program.


Our son had a great time and loved the variety of sports!

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