Welcome to Sandlot

A new game.  Built by kids.

Why We Play

We want to invent a new kind of playground, where kids are made the leaders, the movers & shakers, where the game is ever-changing and everyone belongs.  

For us, the essence of sport is freedom, discovery, competition and community.  We believe that in order for kids to experience that essence, we need to change the game.

More games, less drills.

More movement, less sitting and waiting a turn.

More freedom, less structure and control.

Above all.  We believe in smaller groups, smaller fields, less coaches and fewer rules.  No referees!  We want more action, more diversity and more opportunities to build confidence, a sense of purpose and for kids to build the game.

Sandlot is not kids learning how to play an adult game.  It is a kid's game through and through.