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SANDLOT was a baseball company, founded in 2019, before transforming itself into a sports movement program with a more diverse interest in athletic development. 

At the time, our mission was to create a new kind of recreational baseball experience.  We wanted a game with more action, more development and more freedom for kids. The lessons we learned during this foundational time still shape our pickup (6 v 6) sandlot baseball games and our baseball camps. 

It become clear however, very early on, that we were also out growing the focus on baseball.  The more we allowed ourselves to be shaped by sports science and child pyschology, the more we grew into a multi-sport and multi-purpose youth program.  

Today, SANDLOT means a certain kind of playground, where kids are granted the autonomy and the opportunity to develop their movement, their passion for sport and their competitive drive.  It is playground built around giving every kid a space to grow and to belong and to build the kind of skills that serve all sports.   It is their playground here. 


SANDLOT also signifies, for us, a community of athletes.  Our mission is to build athleticism, where athleticism is defined as both a physical ability and an ethos.  We put equal attention on helping kids develop their confidence, resilience, & leaderships skills as we do building their agility, speed and strength.   We build athletes. 


Above all.  SANDLOT is a place where kids are kids - they get to belong here;  they get to grow and develop in their own way and at their own pace.  We give kids the opportunity to be agents of their own sports experience and to be members of an environment that they get to co-design and to help shape.   

Giving Back
Our Mission

Give a kid a ball, and you have yourself the makings of a game. Even with no other player. The bounce of the ball is the partner: its unpredictability, tension, the back and forth. Anything can and will happen.  Which is precisely why Mom never allowed the ball inside!

Our mission is to redefine the sports experience for kids around a new kind of playground.  We want kids to have more opportunities to play, but a style of play that prioritizes autonomy, freedom, action, exploration and self-organization.

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