Our mission is to support healthier communities by creating new opportunities to play.

We believe the opportunity to play is essential for kids, families and communities. Kids need to play for self-discovery and because It creates lasting social bonds, while supporting good physical and mental health.

That is why we are building innovative programs, why we are focused on customizing gameplay to suit the needs of kids and families, and why we are building a community of sandlot players who love to learn, to play and to compete.

SANDLOT is built to help kids develop physically and mentally - as an athlete and as a person.   We have organized this passion into two distinct divisions of the company: PLAY and PERFORMANCE



Fun, innovative play programs that are accessible to all levels and focus on developing core athletic and physical skills in a great environment.   


Our play programs are designed for kids aged 5 to 13.  

All Sandlot play programs are run by instructors trained by us - we encourage parents to interact in our programs, but we do not use parent volunteers to coach or run programs.


Stay up to date on all our programs and get weekly coaching tips for bringing play home.



A mental skills training program designed for youth who play at all levels and sports.   

This program is designed to help kids develop their self-talk, mindset, motivation, habits, and self-discipline. 


The skills we teach are applicable to developing high-performance in both sports and school. 


Focus on the users - the kids. Everything we do - rules of gameplay, drills, competitions - must serve the kids.  We are committed to innovation and always customize to the kids, the situation and the season. 


We are committed to the benefits of play and obsessive about giving kids the opportunity to learn and problem solve for themselves with guided instruction that focuses on external cues.  


The instruction we offer players will always focus on those skills that are foundational and will scale for them as they get older.  

hold the standard

Every player and instructor will be held accountable to our values of teamwork, sportsmanship and respecting the program, game and each other.


After over a decade in youth sports as a coach and an administrator, I designed SANDLOT to make a difference in our community and for our kids.

I have witnessed the positives and the negatives of youth sports as a player and as a coach.  That includes the opportunities for sports to uplift us and show us our true potential - and the danger of sport descending into conflict, aggression, self-doubt and petty politics.

To change the script - we have built SANDLOT.  It is not a league - we don't compete against anyone but ourselves.  It is a program for kids to learn how to train, develop, compete and define themselves as players and athletes.    

What you can expect from us:  

Innovation.  We are obsessive when it comes to developing new ideas and fixing the problems we see in youth recreational sports.  And if we don't get it right at first - you can be certain we are working on fixing it until we  get it right.

Focus on Play.  We have no interest in winning trophies or even handing them out.  Our only focus is on the personal and athletic development of kids.  Our win is that kids grow up to love sports and find positive self-awareness through sport.

Collaborative.  We want to help build communities and that means participating openly and eagerly with others.  We want to create a dialogue with local sports associations about how we can help them innovate and how we can complement their programs.   

Every member of the SANDLOT team shares these commitments.  When they don't - we want to know about it and we will hold the standard with them.  

You have my guarantee and should you join a SANDLOT program and not get what you expected for your child.  We will refund your money - no questions asked.

Yours in sport,

Coach Brodie



Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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