Skirmish is a pickup sports program for kids age 5 to 12.  This program offers maximum flexibility for parents, and caters to both advanced players and beginners.  Run as pay to play, players simply purchase credits, and then redeem those credits anytime to join a pickup game. 

Skirmish is offered all season, both outdoor and indoor.  In the summer we offer pickup baseball; flag football in the fall; we also run pickup dodgeball and wiffle ball in the winter. 

Let's Play Pickup

Remember when summer meant pickup baseball with friends from the neighbourhood?  We do!  We invented any game we wanted.  Teams didn't have to be even, we made it up as we went.  No coaches.  No umpires.  It was the best baseball we ever played. 

Kids need free play.  It is how they truly learn the game.  It builds leadership and communication skills.  It builds camaraderie and self-esteem.  For that reason we are re-inventing the pickup game.   


Our Game

Every Skirmish is run by Sandlot Coordinators.  Games are limited to 12 kids maximum.  Depending on sport, we either play a (6v6) game or two (3v3) games.  Games are designed to give every kid lots of action.


No one sits at Skirmish. 

Every session includes a short warmup, and some sport-specific instruction.  Teams are then made at the field, and the rules are decided upon.  The game is always customized to the kids, so that every pickup game is potentially a little different.

Once we have the teams and rules, it is Game On!  

Skirmish Credits

Joining our pickup game starts with buying credits.  These credits never expire and one credit can be redeemed for a two hour pickup game.  The sports we play rotate throughout the year. We play baseball in the summer, flag football in fall, wiffle ball in the winter (etc..)

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