The Sandlot program is designed to address a number of challenges in traditional recreation baseball.  

We want to create more skill development and better games.  Games that parents will enjoy watching and kids will love playing.

No one ever sits at Sandlot!

not a league

Every Sandlot team is designed as their own integrated program.  They train as a group;  they compete against each other as a group;  and when we want to play a game - we just divide them in half.

Kids get weekly training run by the Instructors.

They get to compete in game-like competitions to practice and develop their skills.

They play a baseball game run by the Instructors, where nobody ever sits and the game is customized to suit the development stage of the players.

How it works

We are not a league.  Players stay together for the duration of the program.  They train, compete and play games as a group.  Numbers vary by age group. Younger groups have less kids and no pitching.  Older groups have higher numbers to allow for pitching/catching. Play with your friends every week.


Every Sandlot session starts with 15 minutes of free play and dynamic conditioning.  After a long day at school, kids need to move around our warmup helps build mobility, coordination and athleticism..


In addition to our throwing training, every Sandlot week includes our Instructors guiding kids through drills that will develop their hitting and fielding skills.


Sandlot always ends with a game.  We split the group of twenty into 2 teams and play a game that is coached and officiated by the Instructors.  We customize the rules to the kids and maintain a fun, fast-paced approach that ensures every kid is involved.  No one ever sits at Sandlot.

Your coach is one of the Sandlot Lead Instructors.  They are experienced baseball instructors who have been trained by us and have coaching experience at elite, rep and house league baseball.  They are assisted by 3 Instructors.  We do not use volunteer coaches.


We have seen too many kids attend recreational baseball and do barely any throwing.   Every Sandlot session will train kids to throw better, harder and further. We don't just play catch.  We train throwing,


We gamify most of our skill development.  Kids need to build confidence in order to play their best in the games.  By introducing micro-competitions we can give each kid a chance to apply a skill we trained to a competition and build their confidence and  skill acquisition.


The Sandlot program is designed to create a different style of recreational play.  We want more skill development and better games.  By eliminating the structure of a league and using Instructors as coaches, we are able to innovate.

Warmup/Throwing:   Sandlot is designed to ensure that every kid gets a focused warmup that helps them develop their athleticism, as well as giving them suitable throwing warmup.   We do not play catch - we train them to throw.

Skill Development:  Sandlot will give each player a chance to train and develop skills with instruction.  These drills are customized to the players in the program and run by our Instructors. We place significant emphasis on self-discovery and free play and allow kids to learn by doing in a supportive environment.

Gamification:  We build our skills through competition by giving the players a chance to compete in a variety of game-like competitions that are fun and help them build confidence for the game.  They learn by playing games that build the skills they need for baseball.

Sandlot Game:  Run by our instructors.  The players are split into two teams for the game.  No players sit - ever.  The instructor's coach and officiate to help the games stay focused, fun and fast.  


If you don't enjoy Sandlot or feel your child had a great experience, we will refund your full entry fee!



Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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