Sandlot Program

Sandlot is our multi-sport play program for kids age 5 to 12.  The program runs monthly, all season, proving both indoor and outdoor sports experience.


Designed to get kids playing and moving, our primary goal is building better coordination, confidence and athleticism.  And.  Having a blast!  

The Sandlot Season

Sandlot runs every month of the year, including both indoor and outdoor sessions.   Sessions are limited to 12 kids per group.  Duration varies from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on age and venue.  

Kids can join for one month at a time, or purchase longer memberships.  Participation is flexible and adaptive to the needs of families.  

Every session is run by two coaches who are trained Sandlot Coordinators.  


Our Playbook

Sandlot is an innovative multi-sport play program.  Our primary goal is to get kids playing, competing, and developing their confidence, resilience and coordination.


Each session is different. 


  • We play traditional sports such as baseball, flag football, handball.

  • We play team competitions, such as Capture the Flag (CTF), dodgeball and Spikeball.

  • And we play our own games, invented by our Sandlot team, and often created with and by the kids of Sandlot. (Raiders, Bank Shot).  We are constantly inventing new games.

Earn Badges

Every Sandlot member is automatically enrolled in our badge system.  Each badge is linked to one of the sports/games we play.  Earn badges and unlock special rewards and prizes.