performance mastery

Sandlot Performance is a performance mastery program designed for youth athletes, parents and coaches of all levels and sports. 

We believe that helping kids with their mindset, confidence, focus, resilience and self-discipline will help them enjoy the game more and get better results.

We also believe in making parents partners in coaching performance mastery with youth athletes.

our approach

Performance mastery is a practice of training confidence, focus, motivation, mindset, habits and routines to improve athletic performance.

We believe that performance mastery skills are necessary in each of the three main phases of athletic performance: preparation, play, recovery.

Performance mastery will:

Build confidence and help kids bounce back from mistakes and a tough loss

Teach kids how to address frustration, stress, and self-doubt

Learn how to build consistent routines to train better

Build their own performance narrative and learn to set goals and create their own process.

our courses

All our courses include complementary weekly check ins with a Certified Mental Performance Coach 

performance mastery - an introduction

This is a free course we offer for high school athletes to give them an introduction to performance training.  It is a mini-course in time management that will help the athlete learn how to train time, and will also give them an example of how performance mastery training works.

mindset mastery - competition

Perhaps you are worried that you do no feel confident before competition.  Maybe you find it hard to stay focused in competition and not let a bad call or mistake preoccupy your thoughts.  The Mindset Mastery course will teach you how to build a competition mindset that gets you prepared for the game, plays the game and then reacts to the game in a positive way.

parenting performance mastery - teen

We believe parents need to play an active and pivotal role helping athletes manage their athletic performance.  This course is designed to teach parents how to become a performance coach for their kids.  We will introduce you to core concepts and practical exercises to help kids with mindset, confidence, focus and awareness, motivation and commitment, self-control, routines and habits. 

parenting performance mastery - youth

We believe kids should be introduced to mental training as soon as they start competitive sports.  This course is designed to help parents coach young athletes.  It offers very basic concepts and activities that can be used to start helping kids build confidence, focus, self-control and a positive performance mindset. 

book a team session

Work with a Sandlot Mental Performance Coach who will guide your team through a workskop or series of workshops on a range of topics.  Our coaches can help your players learn to set goals, set training routines, built a strong team culture and develop confidence as you prepare to play the season or win the off-season.

Sessions can be customized to any age and sport.  Please contact us to discuss details and to book a session.


If you don't enjoy Sandlot or feel your child had a great experience, we will refund your full entry fee!



Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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