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When kids love something, they inevitably start to pester their parents for more.  They want their favourite snack over and over.  They watch the same shows, and they want to play the same games over and over.   Didn't it feel like the word "again!" was one of the first words they learned?


We have a confession to make.  We want kids to be pestering their parents about our program.  We want them asking when is SANDLOT again.  We want them telling their friends they have SANDLOT tonight and to say it with enthusiam and joy.  That is how we measure program design.

When we talk about building better athletes we really mean it.  When we say our mission is to help kids develop confidence and resilience - we own that promise to parents.  We want that promise to inform every step we take - every program, every interaction with kids. 


So here is our deal with parents - it is what we call the gadfly principle here at SANDLOT.   If your kids don't love it -  we will refund your money for any program.  

It is just that simple.  If any season, sports camp, pickup event does not meet your expectations or your child does not enjoy themselves - you can request your money back at any time. 

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