FALL 2020

We are responding to COVID-19 by creating play programs that are safe, innovative and keep kids developing and having fun during this unprecedented time.


As a program, Sandlot thrives on the challenge to innovate and adapt to changes in sports and the needs of kids.  We have decided to address the challenge facing sports programs by creating pickup Fall play programs. 

FLAG FOOTBALL (9+).  For kids age (9+) we will be putting together pickup games of Flag Football.  Min (6) and Max (10) players. Games will be 60 minute sessions.

WIFFLE BALL   There will be two divisions for Wiffle Ball (6/8) and (9+).  Games will be played at the Gryphon Fieldhouse.  Season is 8 weeks.  Saturday's at 3pm.

CAPTURE THE FLAG.  We will be hosting games of Capture the Flag for ages (7+).  

Want us to create a custom game?  We can schedule a game of Flag Football, Handball or CTF for any group of 6 to 10 kids who wish to play.   

covid procedures

Every Sandlot program will have strict adherence to provincial rules and restrictions.  This includes restrictions on participants, sanitization and gameplay.

Sanitization:  Hand sanitizer and sanitization wipes will be widely available at the diamond.  Players will sanitize their hands at start and throughout session when necessary.  

Physical Distancing:  During all drill work, participants will be kept 2m (6 feet) away from other players at all time.  Instructors will do all ball collection.  Instructors will remain distanced when possible and will wear a mask when that is not possible.

Equipment:  There is very little equipment sharing.  Players will use their own bats.  For throwing drills, players will have their own set of baseballs.  Where an item must be shared, it will be sanitized between each use.

Parents:  The parking lot provides full view of the field and so we are asking all parents to remain at the lot.  You can park facing diamond and/or setup a chair and watch from just behind RF.  Please remain distanced from other parents. 


If you don't enjoy Sandlot or feel your child had a great experience, we will refund your full entry fee!



Guelph, Ontario, Canada


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